Play widely known game on your device!


Sea Battle is a popular and long known game. Your aim is to defeat your enemy sinking his ships on the battle field. In our version of the game you can choose one of the four modes:

You can either play locally (with a computer or another player via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) or via Internet with other players.

You can play as a guest but we recommend you to sign in to save your win record and have an opportunity to play from different devices. If you want to sign in you need to enter your email address and password. You need to enter a new password that DIFFERS from that of the mailbox mentioned at sign in.

I don’t know any mode’s play rules. What should I do?

There is a help center in the game. Tapping the corresponding tab you get the interactive explanation of how the ships should be placed. If you want to receive information on the rules of this or that mode please tap the “i” icon next to the mode symbol.

What is a profile and why do I need it?

Profile stores the information about you as a player. To enter the profile you need to do the following things:

In the profile you can see information on your status, rating, awards, wins, loses, recent games statistics, game mode info, available weapon info, and comments of other users.

There also is a “Friends” tab in the profile where you can find players you follow or would like to follow in the game. You can send them messages from this menu and view their profiles.

How can I change the userpic?

Tap the current userpic in the profile and you will be offered to change it. You can also choose a new flag tapping it.

How can I change the name?

Open the profile and tap the current name, the cursor will occur next to it. Now you can change the name.

How can I add a player to my friend list?

To add a player to your friend list you need to go to his profile and tap “Add”. When a player enters the game and confirms your request you become friends.

What is a rank?

Rank shows the mastership’s level of a particular player. Rank changes as soon as a player gains the necessary amount of rating scores:

The player uses bad words or has an indecent userpic. What should I do?

Enter this player’s profile and tap the exclamatory mark tab on the right. In the occurred window you should put the reason of your complain.

I want to write a review on a game (iPad version).

Tap the envelope tab in the right upper corner of the screen. In the menu occurred choose “Write a review” tab – it leads to the app profile in AppStore. There you’ll be able to write a review or rate the app.

I want to report on the error or write to the app developers.

Tap the envelope tab in the right upper corner of the screen (iPad version) or the “Support” tab (iPhone version). In the occurred menu choose “Technical support” and in the opened window you will be able to write to the help service. Unfortunately, at the moment it only can be done with set-up email on your device. Or you can send an email to

I forgot my password. What should I do?

At the moment to recover your password you should write to the help center. The way you can do it is described in the previous paragraph.